Looking for an amusement park in Tuscany by the sea? It’s CavallinoMatto

parco divertimenti cavallino matto toscana mare

CavallinoMatto (Crazy Horse) is the great amusement park of Tuscany, located just 500 meters from the seaside, in Marina di Castagneto Carducci (Livorno), right on the famous Costa degli Etruschi.

It is the only theme park in Italy located practically by the seaside. It’s quite common to see water parks along the coast, but proper theme parks are not so easy to find. That’s why CavallinoMatto is one of a kind!

We bet you’ve never seen the sea beneath your feet while on a rollercoaster!

For its position, therefore, CavallinoMatto is really unique in Italy. And next to the seaside, there’s even more!

All Tuscany close to you: seaside towns, art cities and medieval villages nearby

The park is located at the Donoratico exit of the E80 European road, close to the major roads of Tuscany. Within one or two hours of travel you can reach Florence, Pisa, Livorno, Lucca, Pistoia, Grosseto; the inland areas with their medieval villages and breathtaking landscapes, such as Chianti, the Crete Senesi, the Val d’Orcia; or the most famous sea areas, such as the Maremma, the Monte Argentario promontory, the Costa degli Etruschi itself.

Nearest seaside destinations? A ton! We’ll mention some of the most popular: Follonica, Cecina, San Vincenzo, Castiglioncello, Castiglion della Pescaia, Punta Ala.

Real ageless fun: entertainment for adults, kids and family

At CavallinoMatto there is everything you search for in a high-level amusement park, but above all you’ll find what you did not expect!

30 attractions including 5 roller coasters, 4D Movie Stars cinema and many shows. All this, under the suggestive pinewood of Marina di Castagneto Carducci.

You’ll find the entertainment that best suits your needs! The attractions are divided into categories, which are easy to recognize: Adrenaline, for strong emotion lovers; Family, to share the fun with your loved ones; Kids, for all children.

Moreover, 5 shows every day for an audience of adults and children. From the “armchair” adventures of the fantastic 4D Movie Stars cinema to the tales of “Crazy Horse” Magix and his magical friends; from the diving performance for pure suspense to the Alchemist’s impossible scientific challenges.

Tell me who you are and discover the right attraction for you

In short, there’s the amusement park, there’s Tuscany, there’s the sea. At this point, what are the attractions you can’t really miss?

Adrenaline emotions have no age (only a minimum height!). If you’re into goosebumps, whether you are a teen, parent or career professional, don’t miss the free fall of Shocking Tower or the thrill of Freestyle, the only stand-up roller coaster in Italy – that includes also a vertical loop. And hey! Be prepared dinosaurs’ return: everybody’s waiting for the new 2018 attraction: Jurassic River.

When you go out with the family, sometimes you want to join forces while other times you have thirst for new challenges. Who dares facing its own parents in a water cannon battle will love the attraction Corsaro Splash. Instead, if you want to keep the family together, have a “dance-flight” to the rhythm of Rock ‘n Roll.

What about little kids? There’s plenty of ventures for baby-explorers, such as Safari Adventures, where you’ll get close to jungle animals – but first, have your face painted to blend in with exotic wildlife.

At CavallinoMatto park kids learn, grow up and can even feel like grown-up drivers! Kids will love Educazione Stradale, a circuit to learn road education safety driving intelligent electric cars in a small town.

It’s clear, now: CavallinoMatto is not only a large amusement park on the sea, in one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in Italy. We’re sure it is going to be a must destination during your holidays in Tuscany. After all, it is also the greenest park in Italy!