CavallinoMatto Tuscany park: where to eat

The great amusement park of Tuscany located in Marina di Castagneto Carducci is famous throughout Europe for its incredible attractions, for the fast rollercoaster, for the magic shows and for educational projects for children. But, if you decide to spend a day of fun at CavallinoMatto, where to eat? Maybe you don’t know yet that […]

Ferragosto in Tuscany with friends at CavallinoMatto

Ferragosto – the 15th of August – in Italy is a special day. Spending the day of Ferragosto in Tuscany can be very enjoyable, especially if your destination is the CavallinoMatto amusement park. The park is located in Marina di Castagneto Carducci (Livorno), a few minutes from the Donoratico exit of the E80 and is very […]

Learning by playing: CavallinoMatto didactics

CavallinoMatto didactics is a key part of the park. CavallinoMatto Tuscany park is not just a magical place where fantasies run free but also a kids park full of interesting educational projects, to learn while having fun. For this reason, CavallinoMatto is the ideal destination for didactic school trips; however, it’s not just a school […]

American Water Show, let’s dive into fun!

american water show parco divertimenti cavallinomatto

From 15th July to 16th September at CavallinoMatto amusement park The long-awaited diving show is finally back! American Water Show is about to start at CavallinoMatto amusement park with a renewed format in the name of the American style. The agility of our athletes will catalyze your attention with acrobatic dives and synchronized in a […]