The Education Projects
Cavallino Matto is not only crazy but …… educational!

“Cavallino Matto” is the greenest Amusement Park of Tuscany in Italy.

A colorful, cheerful and calmed world, a magic place covered with a pine wood of 100000 sqm where children and adults can have fun spending relaxing, joyful and thoughtless days.
There is a wide range of attractions suitable for everyone, from small kids to teenagers and to the most reckless adults: water rides and thrilling attractions such as the Shocking Tower coming out from the tops of the pine trees with its 50 meters high.

27 attractions , a 4D Cinema Movie Stars where every year original and exciting movies are projected , a Palaverde holding up to 600 people in which they are represented more technological and innovative shows with fantasy !!

The park has an important educational area that is used every year for school trips. The projects are designed  with teachers  from  nursery, primary, and secondary  level. The Green Park experience made for children of different ages , was created to give an all round education of the forest  ecosystem.The forest of senses is  for the little ones , where children can learn to use their senses to explore nature. The older children will elaborate their  knowledge of  nature in a more complex fashion. Road safety is the title of the second project  created for nursery and first year primary children. Here we strive to teach the “Green cross code” . The children after completing a theory lesson , will have the opputunity to have a “driving lesson” with the Cavallino Matto instructor  , taking the wheel  at our mini car zone with vocal instuctions along with road signs and traffic lights.

News for 2017

In 2017 Cavallino Matto reveals a new project for  secondary school students, “science and fun” . The park with it’s  rides becomes a place to experiment the concepts of phisics , observerving the rides and how they work . A way to learn in the open air, cocepts learnt at school. We explain how a roller coaster works, what types there are starting with “free Style “ the only stand up russian montains in Italy. Inside the park there is a restaurant, pizzeria, self service ,bar, ice cream and yoghurt parlour,and a souvenir shop.






The entrance to the Park is 15.00 €
for a minimum of 20 people and includes
all the attractions and the shows scheduled .

The educational tours are free of charge and must be booked only through
Fax 0565.74.67.70 , at least 6 days prior to arrival .
For information : Email