Learning by playing: CavallinoMatto didactics

CavallinoMatto didactics is a key part of the park. CavallinoMatto Tuscany park is not just a magical place where fantasies run free but also a kids park full of interesting educational projects, to learn while having fun. For this reason, CavallinoMatto is the ideal destination for didactic school trips; however, it’s not just a school park, because these proposals are available during normal openings and are completely free.

Here are the 2018 CavallinoMatto didactic projects.

Jurassic River School

This area is one of the most appreciated CavallinoMatto didactic projects: immersed in the woods, the area called Jurassic River School hosts 13 life-size dinosaur species, each with a detailed card that tells their features and habits; you can see them move by pressing buttons. In addition, children on a school trip will come across the skeleton of a giant T-rex, an excavation area and life-size fossil eggs.

Green Park Experience

Suitable for children of different ages, this area of the amusement park is dedicated to discovering the wonders of nature: Bosco dei Sensi is a path where you learn to use all the senses to discover something more about trees, plants and animals; the educational project Divertirsi con le Piante allows to deepen the knowledge of the environment, aiming to teach respect for the forest and nature.

Driver’s ed

Finally, a funny didactic project for all the aspiring pilots and for the fans of cars. Driver’s ed is the title of the project that wants to teach the basic rules of road safety: children on didactic school trip will receive a short theoretical lesson and can then take part in a real driving lesson on mini-cars; they will drive in an area equipped with road signs and traffic lights.

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