The Bar Restaurant in the Park

Inside “Cavallino Matto Park” you will find pasta, pizza, ice cream, sandwiches, drinks and much more … there’s something for every taste!

In front of the office and just before the entrance, you will find the Pizzeria, Bavarian Pub e Restaurant “ CavallinoMatto”, the Self-Service, the Ice-cream shop and the Bar.
Once inside the park, you will immediately find the Central Bar, with the snack area equipped with tables in the shade, the Ice-cream Shop, the new Yogurt Shop and the Fried-food Shop. In the centre of the park there is the Blue Mill Bar which is perfect for your snacks or for a quick lunch.
A wide picnic area is available in the green park for those who prefer packed lunch.
At the Blue Mill Bar and at “Al Cavallino Matto” Pizzeria Restaurant  (for gluten free menu to be consumed at the Restaurant, reservation is recommended, so please call 334 7261206)
For information call 0565 744 404.

Delicious dishes for every palate! Enjoy your meal