Summer 2018 in Italy: don’t miss these shows at CavallinoMatto

The CavallinoMatto shows are an unmissable event for all families with children who spend their summer holidays on the beautiful Tuscan coast: in fact, the amusement park located in Marina di Castagneto Carducci offers not only attractions for all ages, but a lot of shows, from water performances to 4D cinema and an incredible live show dedicated to all dinosaur lovers.

Let’s discover all the CavallinoMatto shows that you can enjoy this summer with your children, with timetables and details about location.

Dino Live Show

Every day at 3:00 pm, at the Jurassic Place Arena, you can watch an exciting dinosaur show: the sweet triceratops Charlotte and Flash, a friendly velociraptor, take part in the Dino Live Show. This show is suitable for everyone, even for younger children.

Bubble Dream

Your afternoon continues with a magical show at the Palaverde Arena: at 16.00, every day dreams come true thanks to spectacular bubbles that dance and give life to incredible alchemy of shapes and colors. Bubble Dream will leave you breathless and you can participate even if you have small children.

American Water Show

If you love breathtaking shows, you can not miss the American Water Show: from 15th July to 16th September every afternoon at the Arena Show, you can meet professional divers who will perform in somersaults, twists, incredible dives and exhilarating comic gags. The CavallinoMatto show ends with an amazing 25 meter dive that will keep you breathless.

Mascotte Story Magix

You’ve heard about it for years, maybe you’ve already been there and you’ve tried all the attractions of the amusement park in Tuscany, but do you know the true story of CavallinoMatto? Do you know how and when the Magix mascot was born? If the answer is no, you can’t miss Mascotte Story Magix, a magical show where Elfo Enea, Coccinella Lella and Mascotte Magix will tell you a story full of magic and twists!

Cinema 4D

Finally, an incredible novelty of the CavallinoMatto amusement park that will allow you to experience an adventure in the time of the dinosaurs. The 4D cinema plays every day (from 11 AM to 12 PM and from 2 PM to 6 PM) the movie “The Lost World”: triceratops, flying pterosaurs, stegosaurs and the frightful T-rex are the protagonists of this show full of special effects.

Are you ready to choose from all the CavallinoMatto shows and live a day full of joy, fun and a pinch of magic? The great amusement park of Tuscany awaits you!

Discover all the CavallinoMatto shows