CavallinoMatto Tuscany park: where to eat

The great amusement park of Tuscany located in Marina di Castagneto Carducci is famous throughout Europe for its incredible attractions, for the fast rollercoaster, for the magic shows and for educational projects for children.

But, if you decide to spend a day of fun at CavallinoMatto, where to eat? Maybe you don’t know yet that you will not have to think about preparing lunch in advance, taking fridge bags and bottles of water or waking up early to prepare sandwiches of different tastes: if you are still wondering where to eat at CavallinoMatto, the answer is that you are spoiled for choice!

CavallinoMatto: where to have lunch

A lot of people choose to spend the whole day at the great amusement park of Tuscany: there are so many attractions that it seems that time is never enough! At one point you’ll need to stop for a moment and have lunch: so, where to eat at CavallinoMatto?

Inside the amusement park you will find four dining places where you can stop to eat:

  • Restaurant pizzeria Löwengrube: here you can try typical Bavarian dishes, a wide choice of meat and fish dishes and pizza.
  • Bar Saloon: right in the middle of the park, the bar offers piadine and schiacciate for all tastes.
  • Bar Mulino Blu: there are shadowed tables and a menu full of precooked plates, hot dog, wraps and gluten free pizzas.
  • Self-service: the ideal place for those who are looking for a quick but comfortable meal, with many express dishes.

In each of these dining places, you will find vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes. A lot of menus are available from € 5.90!

CavallinoMatto: where to eat a snack

And what if your children want to have a snack in the afternoon or mid-morning? Do not worry because at CavallinoMatto Tuscany park there are a lot of gourmand proposals: for the most hungry, in Piazza della Fontana there is a fried-food shop, while if you want something sweet you can choose between ice creams of any kind, yogurt, waffles, crepes, fruit salads and granitas.

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