Jurassic River School at CavallinoMatto: dinosaurs like you’ve never seen

The Jurassic River School at CavallinoMatto has just been opened: it is an educational area immersed in the green of the pinewood where you can get to know different species of dinosaurs and at the same time have fun with Jurassic attractions! The didactic area of the CavallinoMatto is already open and will be fully operational from August 2018.

CavallinoMatto is not only an amusement park but also a place to learn and, in addition to the other educational projects, the Jurassic River School was recently inaugurated. In this area of the park you can admire 10 different life-sized dinosaurs, covering every single detail to make them incredibly realistic: thanks to technology, each child can move the dinosaurs by simply pressing a few buttons; these buttons command the head, legs or tail of the prehistoric animals. In the same area, you will come across dinosaur eggs, the skeleton of a T-rex and soon you will find excavation area. But there is even more: it has just been inaugurated the school of Professor Dino, a great dinosaur who will explain habits, characteristics and curiosities about the extraordinary dinosaurs.

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